happy thanks giving to our US side

Roast turkey, candied yams, giant balloons and American football. As a brit looking in two what basically means you have two christmas days, turkey again anyone. I just wanted to put a very short email together about our american branch of this rapidly growing tree and a little audio recording in the process.

new total of £2000 for team humble nyc

quicklink | teamhumble fundraising, donate here

so we were fifty pound away from our original title when we decided that we should probably keep fund raising right up to the moment. we have flights out to america, flights for the girls to get to brum from ireland and scotland, national express to heathrow, hotel there and airbnb sorted at the other side. we decided it would be good to ask for a little more to help buy additional things we can give away when we get there and to help with unexpected costs (fees hit us hard) on the fundraising side. lesson learnt for next time, think we will use stripe next time.

when a magazine gives you a computer #pizero

for the first time in history you can now get a full computer for the price of the magazine. what? yes, it's been annouced this morning that this months magazine for the raspberry pi called 'the magpi' will be giving away a full on computer for the price of a magazine, now i admit you need other cables and stuff to get it working but for us here at teamhumble we see something much bigger than that. pricing point of computing power in your hand married to solar panels, batteries and old screens. internet of things and project building just got so inexpensive it's almost give i away pricing.

teamhumble to take bitcoin for client work

. the power of greyskull, said HE-MAN one time (actually, quite a lot) we are now accepting BITCOIN payments via coinbase using hiveage, our invoicing web cloud provider. also looking at pin payments (australia), 2Checkout (26 international currency), SecurePay (australia), Razorpay (india) and Mollie (Netherlands/Belgium) that also allows SOFORT (Europe), iDEAL (Netherlands), SEPA bank transfers (Europe), Bancontact/Mister Cash (Belgium) [READ ME]

the random decision maker v1

kinda made a thing, just in case we struggle with decision making while we are away on the trip, you might want to find it on vine to use it. guessing we need to stick up a shared teamhumble vine account for new york city right? :)

countdown to nyc - 12 days to go

leaving technology to a sparse minimum, it's a sure fire way of mentally fuelling up. pineapple and me sitting in a tree. shooting the shit about life and it's wonders. choose strangers. people tell the most amazing stories when they feel in a safe zone. reflective, compassionate. soul searching and needing to share. i've had some of the best moments sitting around a fire in some place somewhere in the world.