xcomglobal sponsored 4g lte data in nyc

super happy to announce our partnership with xcomglobal for 4g lte data for the squad using one of their wonderful mifi devices which should help keep the social media needy team on point - XCom Global's international mobile WiFi hotspot rentals offer portable, convenient internet access in over 175 countries around the world. ..

Although i have a number of provider sims for my ipad/iphone combination for the new york city trip i'm always worried about the amount of data i get through and if my device will get the most out of the 4g LTE networks in the country i'm going. The iphone6s is the first phone that has extra band support for the different versions of LTE around the world but i do not have one of those (yet, wishes!) so i tend to look for a mifi device with ideally unlimited data so it's one less thing to think about.

Having a device that is supports and working in the country of origin that your flying too helps on so many levels and allowing you to jump of the plane power up the unit and get on the internet easily without roaming, charges, potential bottleneck issues, unsupported lte bands etc. Just connect your device via wifi to the mifi device and your good to go.

I also add to this by using a powermonkey extreme backup power unit attached to the mifi and run it (if it will support it) without the battery in. i've found with mifi devices that if you run them for long periods of time in a hot bag or jacket that they can overheat and lockup. removing the battery takes away the heat source that is right next to the electronics so less potential overheating for long periods of time.

i'm looking forward to testing the 4g lte mifi in and around new york city as we move from soup kitchen to soup kitchen and we will be testing our new gps tracking application for tracking our progress around the city. It's not super accurate on purpose but will give you a rough idea of our track over the last hour, last place we checked in at and will hopefully show some crazy plotting across the city. we run an application on the ipad that needs the data from the mifi to be able to send the ping packet to the server where our google map is located.

you can see the mashup here - we have included the tracking map, latest blab embed, appear.in room and also we are testing our new live blog feature using a public channel from our teamhumble slack installation. more on that soon! :)