win an electric bike for £100

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ok, so here is the idea. five tickets at £100 each. one in five chance of winning, ten chances of your name getting picked, live and interactive on, most name out of the digital hat walks away with the bike for only £100 - now that, is a pretty decent gamble right?

i'm also of thinking of making it a little sweeter to maybe have amazon giftcards for £25 each for the second and third person behind the winner so really your only losing £75 as long as your in second or third place, five people. not bad odds if you ask me, certainly makes the interactive live stream game interesting.

we have ten ways to randomly pick the names of the entrants, we want to extend the excitement of the overall winner so we are going to pick from the five names at random ten times. the person with the most mentions at the end of the ten picks will win the bike, second and third will get amazon giftcards.

i'm hoping this will be an alternative way to get rid of the bike but also have some one take a bit of a gamble. either way it should be a lot of fun especially if we can get people on while we are playing the game and doing the random picks. i'm going to ask certain people to do the picking for me using an application they can download from the app store. we will use a collection of similar apps.

i mean after all it's an electric bike for only £100 and you have a ONE in FIVE chance of winning it. that's pretty epic if you ask me.

if your into taking part i suggest you move pretty fast, i'm hoping to move those five tickets really quickly and get the game/picking live stream booked in as soon as possible. be great to do this in new york city as part of our arrival night or one night while we are there.

go grab one of the five £100 tickets and let's get this game going! :)

So far we have these apps and website that we are looking at, if you have others please drop me a link to them so we can have a play with them to make sure they are fit for purpose. (names in a hat)!/id337482934?mt=8 (spin the bottle)