when a magazine gives you a computer #pizero

quicklink | raspberrypi.org/magpi

for the first time in history you can now get a full computer for the price of the magazine. what? yes, it's been annouced this morning that this months magazine for the raspberry pi called 'the magpi' will be giving away a full on computer for the price of a magazine, now i admit you need other cables and stuff to get it working but for us here at teamhumble we see something much bigger than that. pricing point of computing power in your hand married to solar panels, batteries and old screens. internet of things and project building just got so inexpensive it's almost give it away pricing.

my brain went into freefall as soon as i saw the annoucement. pricing point, making custom enclosures at apiary haus, intent for online training, distributed internet of things in terms of social spaces. perfect rapid deployment of disruptive opportunuties for those less well well off and versed in such things.

i'm thinking that 2016 is going to pan out super interesting for apiary haus in terms of product development for some of the social inclusion projects we had been thinking about for the majority of 2015. Now we have squad teamhumble those goals look achievable.

what this space.
wait not that one.
this one.
____ yes, this one.