new total of £2000 for team humble nyc

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so we were fifty pound away from our original title when we decided that we should probably keep fund raising right up to the moment. we have flights out to america, flights for the girls to get to brum from ireland and scotland, national express to heathrow, hotel there and airbnb sorted at the other side.

we decided it would be good to ask for a little more to help buy additional things we can give away when we get there and to help with unexpected costs (fees hit us hard) on the fundraising side. lesson learnt for next time, think we will use stripe next time.

some thoughts are to maybe try and get some of the new raspberry pi zero units and get them up and running before we head out and give them out to different places that we will be helping at. i'm sure we can get some in the hands of people that would love to get connected for the new year. not sure if logistically we can get that done in the next ten years but surely it's something to aim for right?

any money you can donate would be awesome, if you want to swap hard cash for anyone in the team to do some hard digital work for you that your struggling with just drop us a message and we will get straight back in touch with you to make arrangements.

drop in our channel for someone to join you and see if we can help you - give us up to ten minutes to join you if you do that however.