meet christmas dayle, chloe and phil

ho ho ho, no i'm not calling anybody names!

festive season is nearly upon on and aside from our christmas sweaters i thought it would be a good idea to start introducing the team, the first three christmas graphics are back (i hope they all use them as avatars for slack) for the first three members we are going to be profiling in this post, mainly so you get to know some of the original squad behind the scenes of teamhumble but also how we all try to survive using digital and the web as our main jobs and source of income.

it just been over four months ago since teamhumble formed and chloe, megan and megan was there from the start (waiting for the megan graphic to be done) it certainly felt like some kind of charlies angels thing for a moment there - everyone is great, they all bring their own flavour to the mix and i cannot believe that apart from a few stressful periods we have each others backs and we are growing together as a team.

expect squad bios, links to their online digital offerings and some background to each of the people, also you'll be able to find custom feeds inside our upcoming app so you can tune into their own podcasts, content, courses and packages from their respective websites.

our aim at teamhumble is to work together to bring each other up, to scale the squad into a big worldwide effort with people from all around the globe that want to work together. chloe has been putting together social roadmaps with dayle around social media, dayle has a very successful instagram gig for the low price of $25 and i've been putting up udemy courses about using a mifi, wirecast and blab and my first paid courses about brand advocates.

i'm super looking forward to spending time with our squad of five in new york city in the next few weeks and i'm certain that it will bring us more all together than ever, so many plans, so much to do in what will seem like a short time but will create so many memories together that i can see teamhumble moving onwards and upwards quickly in 2016.