Preparing for a Crazy NYC Time

food, friends and life moving pretty fast around us, walking across the brooklyn bridge at crazy time am and rejoicing in a shared moment. nothing quite lifts the imagination centre like walking around new york city does.

in little over two weeks time we will be jetting our way to new york, it's been nearly four years since i've been stateside and i'll be honest it kinda feels like forever. from seventeen years of age i travelled back and forth to america and the bug stuck, i was hooked.

big open roads, open space, roads that go for thousands of miles, expansive sections of land, a sense of freedom in those spaces, massive aptitude to have a go and experiment and develop, thought leaders and innovation.

i'm super happy to be going back even if it's only for a week it's gonna be a great week and i'm taking a week off before it to charge up my batteries to enjoy it like never before, it's my christmas present to myself with new friends, new destinations and a new direction to follow.