countdown to nyc - 12 days to go

nearly there |

leaving technology to a sparse minimum
it's a sure fire way of mentally fuelling up.
pineapple and me sitting in a tree.
shooting the shit about life and it's wonders.
choose strangers.

people tell the most amazing stories when they
feel in a safe zone. reflective, compassionate.
soul searching and needing to share.
i've had some of the best moments sitting
around a fire in some place somewhere in the world.

i always find it interesting how a fire can make me feel.
in a wood, anywhere in the world seems like a safe place to be.
clothes smelling of smoke, fire cooked foods, cold beers
cool chill on taking a breath. i adore it.

being an earth sign i'm super at home in a forest.
i want to have a hut and worry about security and power
to have a wood burning stove that makes me strip off
in front of it with a whisky in one hand while i'm red
and swearing at it for how hot it is.

love the feeling of damp, tired legs that need time out
for me to recharge myself, that deep sleep where the world
is on pause and everything returns to black and white
colour drained away until the brain process restores.

it's important to find your own activators in life
mine is nature, logs and fires. sitting with friends and strangers
exploring the universe together.
even if just for a few moments.

blabs every night @ 10pm (check out the schedule tab) leading up to the new york city party night at our airbnb in jersey city. hope you can join us in the countdown every day leading up to team humble getting stateside.

also, the teamhumble website is now LIVE! :)