A rag-tag group of Digital Misfits and Artists (often with mental health issues) working together as an Internet Enabled empowerment collective. Engineering moments via Fundraising Projects, Social Media and Collaborative actions. more?

e-residency ep1, season one is up

finally got around to recording episode one and the second will not be too far behind. i'll be heading to london in episode three to pick up the digital id so expect some more information about it and unboxing there, i'll be sharing all the experience as i go as a long live stream either on youtube or blab and we will dig around at sites as we go and see what this thing can do. come along for the ride! digital id baby!

mental health, homeless and temp work

what i love about this so much is that Albuquerque get the problem. people might not want to work 9 to 5, everyday. mental health problems brings about all kinds of problems that people with anxiety and stress feel all to well, like they have to be somewhere at a certain time or day. even just five hours at $9.00 an hour is something so that you can feel that you EARNED that money. that you feel your part of society, that someone gives a fuck. people around you in a similar position coming together in the betterment of each others lives. that shit right there, that's what is value. i think i might move to albuquerque for a bit, after all roswell is only a few hours away too. . .

breaking down the projects for 2016

well january was awesome. spent time planning out an attack plan for 2016. what some teamhumble members want to work on, what's the intent, where we are heading and what we want to provide. it's a lot of moving parts so please bear with me as i go through it all but it does get easier once it's all out and described. lots of mini shows building up to better playlists and content for the app and easier for us to just fire up a quick update show about a certain project.

moving forward into 2016 with teamhumble

it was awesome to have your support in 2015 we hope you'll come along for this wild ride of 2016. we have been busy already making our first project of the year which will help with traffic, offset costs for our web services and hopefully over time give us a way of redirecting traffic to some of our paid content around the web. any money in will always get pushed into maintaining the teamhumble ethos and services to you.

merry christmas to teamhumble

it's been a hell of a year for many. i know a number of us have struggled over the year and all needed our teamhumble squad at times. it takes a lot of work to co-working, co-exist and work together on something when people bring to the table different opinions and often crazy ways of working. but we made it work on multiple occasions. i'm looking forward to more. happy christmas gang, happy christmas to all the viewers on our blabs and supporters of our fundraising. without you guys we would not have been able to do the things we have just before christmas. you made our year.

24 videos, one per hour. christmas day

proved something to myself today on christmas day. found my value and effort levels again, needed to remove frustration that i never managed to take part in videoblogging month each day in november and that december was messed up enough that i could not do my advent calendar on youtube. i flip it all on it's head today however by making twenty four videos and scheduled them to go out each hour on christmas day. felt damn good. enjoy!